Hi! I’m Ginnye, and before Harry Potter, no one could pronounce my name. (Thank you Ginny Weasley!) You might think this made me hate my name. It didn’t. In fact, I loved my name. It was unique and unburdened by other people’s influence. I was free to create my own definition. 

Ginnye (noun)–a writer melding magical realism, chaos, horror, and awkwardness into prose and poetry. Focuses on messy women characters creating their own definitions. Enthusiastic about coffee with a strong predilection for yorkshire terriers. 

Words are important. Names are important. I write to honor the truth in words and explore human experience through the medium of language. I write messy characters. I write magic as a practicality. I write chaos as an agent of creativity. 

And this is where my writing and podcast projects live.  This is also the space where I write about the craft of writing, gush about my latest reads, and geek out in general.

I have a BA in Creative Writing from Butler University. I’ve worked as an environmental journalist, magazine editor, and marketing specialist. I’m passionate about teaching creative writing to kids and have volunteered with the Butler Writing in the Schools program and The Bureau of Fearless Ideas

Whether you’re here for the blog or to learn more about my writing, I’m glad you’re here. Drop me a line anytime. 



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