A novel in the speculative fiction genre. Magic, criminals, teleportation, and a man that turns into the bear weave themselves into elements of tragedy, madness, and love. The story echoes themes from Hamlet and Beauty and the Beast.


“Madness in great ones must not unwatched go.”  -Hamlet (Act 3, Scene 1) 

Dr. Ophelia Levine is many things. A professor of astronomy, an expert on black holes, and insane. The stigma of her insanity frustrates her career aspirations, her marriage, and her relationship with her father. When a criminal known as The Bear appears in her father’s house demanding payment for a secret debt, she sees an opportunity to leave.

She persuades him to let her pay the debt by manufacturing illegal chemicals for his business. Teleported to an island safe house, Ophelia finds a community in the people around her and embraces her madness.

Excelling in this criminal world, she’s promoted to second in command behind The Bear. But an opportunity to achieve even more comes her way. And she must choose between her relationship with The Bear, the only person who doesn’t fear her, and seeing how powerful she can become. 

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