coffee for every writing mood

Besides being notoriously boozy, writers also tend to be the queens and kings of caffeine. Here’s a coffee or coffee-like beverage for every writing mood.

Photo by Matt Steele on Unsplash

Besides being notoriously boozy, writers also tend to be the queens and kings of caffeine. Obviously I’m biased (see header photo) but I cannot espresso how much I love coffee. I love it a latte. (Okay that’s out of my system.)

Whether it’s the jolt of energy you get from the caffeine molecules or the ritual of sitting-down-to-write-with-a-cup-of-coffee, this delicious bean juice can fuel your creativity and sharpen your writing. Today, I’ve curated some coffee recommendations to go along with any writing mood so you can write on.

encroaching deadline

There’s no way around it–the deadline is looming and your editor, employer, readers are waiting for your next installment. Instead of regretting not going to dental school like your cousin, (cavities have to be easier than split infinitives right?), head to your kitchen or nearest coffee shop and get yourself an espresso stat. The short, punchy taste will give you the motivation you need without any wasted time.

Coffee recommendation: Café Bustelo

Brew method: espresso machine, percolator, or these cool handheld espresso pumps

stuck on a sentence

You’ve been staring at it for twenty minutes and it’s getting uglier by the second. That one sentence glaring at you from inside your latest piece. Taunting you with it’s strange structure, wrong-sounding words, or confusing intent. Instead of staring at it longer, turn to your local coffee shop or refrigerator for inspiration and cold brew. This chilled coffee is steeped for a long time to give you a strong yet smooth taste. The trip to the coffee shop/refrigerator coupled with a switch from hot to cold could give you the fresh perspective you need to rewrite that sentence.

Coffee recommendation: Cold brew with sweet cream

Brew method: You can make your own following this recipe or order one from your nearest coffee shop

no idea what I’m doing

Imposter syndrome–we all get it from time to time. Instead of focusing on what you think you can’t do, focus on using challenges as opportunities to get creative. Can’t get your protagonist to reconcile with their love interest? Work backwards from the reconciliation! Can’t find the write [sic] way to communicate a complex topic? See what other people are saying and consult your thesaurus! Also, take 5-10 minutes to brew a pot of strong black coffee to help clarify and inspire your intent.

Coffee recommendation: *Deadman’s Reach® by Raven’s Brew

Brew method: pour over, coffee machine, french press

editing is hard

Editing, like adulting, is hard. Stephen King likened it to killing your darlings (eek!). So go easy on yourself and grab a latte or mocha. The steamed milk, chocolate, or whipped cream will help cut the acidity and strength of the espresso. Giving you something delicious and soft. Because why make editing harder than it is? I’m a huge fan (and consumer) of the flat white. Which is like a latte but with less foam.

Coffee recommendation: Flat white

Brew method: You can make your own following this recipe or order one from your nearest coffee shop

I need to go to sleep tonight

It’s 10 p.m. and you’re a responsible person with morning responsibilities. You’re getting close to wrapping up this chapter, line, post, etc. and just need a little liquid encouragement. Instead of firing up the coffee machine, pop on your kettle and brew yourself a cuppa. The caffeine content is usually half the amount of coffee, so you get a jolt now while being able to sleep later.

Tea recommendation: jasmine loose leaf tea

Brew method: tea wand and electric kettle

*Deadman’s Reach® is a registered trademark of Raven’s Brew Coffee, Inc.

Author: Ginnye Lynn Cubel

Ginnye Lynn Cubel is a writer, podcast host, and coffee enthusiast. She has a BA in Creative Writing from Butler University and has worked as an environmental journalist, magazine editor, and marketing specialist. Currently, she serves as the Marketing Chair for the Florida Writers Association. You can learn more about her and her writing at

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